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Irrfan Khan feels he is not talented enough to play Gabbar Singh.

His talent is something the industry and the audience vouch for. Irrfan has time and again proved how he can play the most challenging roles with such ease and finesse. The way he played Paan Singh Tomar in a biopic titled by the same name will remain in the history for decades to come.

So recently, at a popular chat show hosted by Anupam Kher, when Irrfan was asked which character he would love to portray if given an opportunity to be a part of the Sholay remake, he, instead of saying Gabbar Singh, said that he would prefer to play Jai that was played by Amitabh Bachchan in the 1975 classic.

It comes as a big surprise because firstly, every actor in the original wanted to play the dreaded dacoit and secondly because, Gabbar Singh happens to be one of Irrfan’s most favourite on-screen characters. When asked why he wouldn’t want to reprise Gabbar Singh’s role in the remake, pat came the reply, “I am not talented enough to play that role. I would love to play Jai that Amitji had played in the original.” That coming from such an incredible actor only proves that even though Irrfan has an image and reputation of an arrogant guy, he is one of the humblest actors around.

When further asked who he misses the most in his life today, a visibly emotional Irrfan took his father’s name and said he will never forget the way his father used to move his hand over his head with unparalleled love, care and affection. That is something he will cherish for this lifetime. No wonder, Irrfan has achieved such great heights of success even in international cinema.  After all, his father’s blessings and prayers seems to have been answered.